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Management Greeting

Management Greeting

Dear stakeholders,

Aozora Europe Limited (“AEL”) is Aozora Bank’s 100% owned subsidiary based in the City of London, UK, and in 2020 celebrated its 5th anniversary of the establishment of the company.

As the company name suggests, AEL is engaged in offering services on financing to corporates and projects in Europe, as well as gathering and analysing various information in the region.

Whilst grouped as Europe, each country within it, holds its own history, political and legal framework, fiscal and economic agenda, amongst others. Also, it can face fundamental change, such as Brexit, requirement of ESG and SDGs, and encounter great difficulties, such is the case now, with the socalled New Normal originating from Covid-19, which could be deemed as a paradigm shift.

AEL not only pays a keen attention to the ever-changing financial markets and thoroughly analyses corporates and projects we are involved in, but gives thoughtful consideration to the various factors mentioned above. On that basis, we endeavor to further extend financing to high quality companies, respond to a variety of capital needs, and diversify the portfolio, whilst adhering to disciplined and balanced risk-return metrics. In this manner, AEL commits to play an active role in the development of Aozora Bank’s international business and to contribute as an exemplary European corporate citizen.

Sincerely yours,

April 2021
Tsuyoshi Sasaki
Managing Director